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De-Addiction Counselling: A Step Towards Combating Drugs and Alcoholism.

De-Addiction Counselling.

Alcohol and Drugs addiction is a disease that can affect many aspects of your life including health, finance and interpersonal relationships. Recovery from alcohol and drugs addiction is possible. The neurological changes that result in the brain due to excessive and problematic use of alcohol and drugs need to be combated with Live Life HealthCare holistic deaddiction counselling.
At Live Life HealthCare, we address the various sides and causes of drug addiction We work on developing plans that focus on long-term recovering while keeping caregivers an essential part of the treatment. We are here for you. If you or someone you know are facing issues with addiction, call us on helpline at +91 9811008857.

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The Path to Recovery Begins from De-addiction Counselling

Quitting the habit of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance is a major achievement. One should be proud of themselves and gear up for the journey ahead. The Detoxification process is the initial step in addiction treatment. It cleanses one's body of the drug toxins and remains such that the body is no more dependent on drugs. But does it also manage the urges and avoid relapse?

De-addiction counselling is a mainstay for addiction treatment for many individuals. Several therapies, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, family counselling, motivational interview, etc., helps one stay sober. Counselling sessions also manage other mental disorders that often play a role in addictions.

Why Does One Need Drug/Alcohol De-addiction Counselling?

A substance use disorder is not just physical or chemical dependence on drugs or alcohol. If that had been the case, individuals would not relapse after detoxification when the body is no longer dependent on the drug. Substance use disorder also has psychological and social factors that trigger drug/alcohol intake. These factors include life stressors, environmental cues such as visiting relatives, social networks with friends who indulge in drugs or alcohol.

These factors might result in urges to use drugs again. De-addiction counselling helps individuals ignore these cravings and manage what life throws at them without relying on drugs. There is not a single approach that works best for addiction; several counselling therapies help individuals. These often include the best stress management counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, family counselling etc.

Rehabilitation centre, Live life healthcare, nasha mukti kendra, noida

How Drug De-addiction Counselling Helps Combat Addiction?

Live Life HealthCare Mental health professionals help individuals combat addiction by setting up short-term achievable goals. Once they reach sobriety, adaptive skills are inculcated as the individual begins to regain their physical and mental health; Our psychologists explore the underlying causes of addictions while they learn healthy coping styles.

De-addiction counselling and other therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing therapy help individuals overcome addictions. Therapy acts as a supplement for individuals part of post-discharge treatment and self-help groups such as alcoholic anonymous. The Best Counselling For Drug Addiction also facilitates the 12 step program. Individuals often hesitate to seek help due to concerts of confidentiality. However, the ethical guidelines mandate confidentiality to the counselling seeker. Moreover, these therapies provide a judgement-free environment to the individual, offering them acceptance and empathy.

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