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Soberity : Action speaks louder than words


Don’t lose hope. I thought I was unable to get this. I thought I was incapable of having recovery. Now I think that anybody can do this. If I can, anybody can. We all have this available if we want it bad enough.
The reason I think this time is different is that my willingness to be honest is different. I was able to let people in for the first time and make hard decisions. I did the work and asked God for help. That was it. I didn’t do anything special other than what everybody told me to do. I put myself out there. As time goes by, the way that recovery looks is different for everybody. For me, recovery looks like just being able to show up and keep my word. I’m not perfect – but I do show up for my Sponsor. I do step work. I pray.


I surround myself with positive people who are doing the right thing and who motivate me. Gurjeet Singh told me a long time ago: “It’s not all about step work and meetings. It’s about the communication and the connections you make along the way”.
I stay connected, I don’t get high, and I put my recovery first. If I feel like anything is going to jeopardize my recovery, I don’t do it. Gurjeet Singh told me: “If you’re the smartest and most motivated person in your group of friends, go find a new group of friends. You need something to strive to be better at”. So I try to surround myself with people who are doing bigger and better things. I’ve finally seen that I can have a normal life. I can strive for greatness instead of sitting there, putting myself down, and saying, “You’re useless. All you’re going to be is a drug addict and ex-con”. I’m living proof that it works.


There are times when I reflect back and think, “how in the world did I turn this around?” The short answer is that it wasn’t me. It was my higher power; it was the community as a whole; it was my relationships; it was my family.
Wherever you go – this is the beautiful thing about recovery – if you reach out, people will be there and they will help you. That’s the purpose of this process and this community. The main reason we exist is to help others. That’s the last thing you can picture when you’re using and you feel like there is no way out. could hBut if someoneave said, “hey, when you call this person, there is going to be an endless amount of love waiting for you on the other end of the phone,” that might of worked a little better for me. So I guess what I would say to the person still struggling is pick up the phone. There is an endless amount of love waiting on the other end. No matter where you are.


This time I really wanted it. I still do. Now the people with whom I surround myself have a significant amount of clean time. Seeing all this stuff makes me want it more and to give back more.
Walking in the door, it’s like, “wow, I’ve got a lot to live for!” That’s something I’ve never had in my life. I When it came down to rock bottom, I had to ask for help. I was going to die. Thank God I haven’t died yet. I know it’s tough, but reach out. People I don’t know come in to my life who are going through it. They know what we’re about. I’ve had people come in numerous times who just needed to talk. Come sit down, come hang out, come talk.

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