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Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

At Live Life Healthcare, alcohol and drug addiction Treatment Center, we have a highly experienced staff doctors, nurses, medical psychiatrists and addiction counselors who provide high-quality care. Our rehab programming is designed to promote an abstinent lifestyle that is vibrant, healthy, and productive.

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LLHC - A Journey Towards Happy & Joyfull recovery

The AIM of our Rehabilitation Center is provide best approach toward recovery. Our Treatment Approach, Medical Detox, Residential Treatment, Continuum of Care is best. LLHC Rehab offers a personalized addiction treatment approach to individuals struggling with addiction.
With evidence-based treatment, inpatient programs, and medical detox, LLHC is an excellent choice for those looking to recover from a substance use disorder. We know that a successful detox sets the stage for long-term recovery. During care, you or your loved one can create a customized treatment plan.
You will have regular meetings with our multidisciplinary team, which includes licensed clinical therapists, mental health technicians, and a nursing staff that is available 24/7.

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LLHC- Focus On What We Can Do

LLHC focuses on Alcoholic Anonymous & Narcotic Anonymous 12-step programs for various addictions and compulsive behaviors, ranging from Cocaine Anonymous to Debtors Anonymous. Although the 12 Steps are based on spiritual awareness, many nonreligious people have found the program immensely helpful. The language emphasizes the presence of God as each participant understands God, allowing for different interpretations and religious beliefs.
Twelve-step programs are international mutual aid programs supporting recovery from substance addictions, behavioral addictions and compulsions. Developed in the 1935s, the first Twelve-Step program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), aided its membership to overcome alcoholism.

Group therapy at Live Life HealthCare

Best Place for treatment - LLHC focus on specific therapies and other lifestyle sessions that help individual's recovery stronger.

Best Living Condition
Daily Assistance
Experienced Addiction Psychiatrist
Experienced De-Addiction Counsellor
Clinical Psychologist
12 Step Program
Relapse Prevention Plan
Yoga & Meditation
Spiritual Awareness
Post Treatment Threapy
Family Counselling / Mental health counseling

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